A. Architect’s Contracts with the Owner

Knowledge of architect’s professional and contractural responsibilities related to the client.

Audio time: 8 Minutes

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In this Knowledge Statement, we are going to review  the concepts associated with the Scope of Architect’s Basic Services and take a brief look at the AIA B102 and the AIA B201 documents in regards how it relates to Owner. We will take a look at the 5 phases contained in the B102 in a later Knowledge Statement.

The AIA B102 and AIA B201 are both listed on the California Architects Board’s  Reference List of Materials, on their website. It’s important to thoroughly understand the differences between the two documents. You can also view a CSE Video Tip – What is the Difference Between the B102 and the B201?

Also, the AIA provides a great Commentary on the AIA B101 – Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect which is essentially the combination of the B102 and the B201. Why doesn’t CAB just reference the B101 instead? My guess is CAB and the AIA want us to be aware that there are separate terms and conditions and scopes of services that can be paired with each other so we buy them in the future, but that is only my guess. I highly recommend you download and review the B101 commentary. You need to have a VERY GOOD understanding of the B102 and the B201 for the Exam, especially the duties and responsibilities of the Architect and Owner as well as the contents of basic services and additional services. 

AIA B201 – Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Design and Construction Contract

  • This document provides the Architect’s scope of services for Design and Construction Contract Administration.
  • Basic Services are based on the five traditional phases: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding or Negotiation, and Construction Administration.
  • This document is not a standalone document, it must be incorporated into an Owner-Architect Agreement.

The B102 needs to be paired with something because it is only Terms and Conditions. It can be paired with the B201 or any other of the B Series in which we are providing a service. A couple to be familiar with (which we will review later):

AIA B202 – Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Programming

AIA B203 – Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Site Evaluation & Planning

Another Owner/Architect Agreement to be familiar with is the B-132 Construction Manager as Adviser Edition (not necessary to read the contract). The involvement of a Construction Manager does not limit the liability of the Architect, however some of the responsibilities may be reduced per the following  contained within the Construction Manager Adviser Edition. It’s important to understand the Architect is still in the loop and approves Change Orders, Construction Change Directives, and Applications for Payment.

  • Construction Manager & Architect provide administration of the contract
  • CM will determine the Work is being performed in accordance with construction documents
  • CM will keep the Owner informed of the progress of the Work
  • CM will endeavor to guard Owner against defects in Work
  • Owner and Contractor shall communicate through the CM (CM will keep the Architect in the loop.
  • CM will review and certify Applications for Payment (Architect still approves)
  • CM will prepare change orders (Architect still approves)
  • CM will prepare construction change directives (Architect still approves)

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