C. Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act

24. Knowledge of methods and procedures for complying with state regulatory requirements related to the design and construction of hospitals, public schools, fire/police stations, and other essential services buildings.

KS #24 – Part C: Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act

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Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act

  • Seismic safety legislation – Seismic Retrofit Program SB 1953 was passed by the California Legislature in 1994 following the Northridge earthquake
  • Northridge earthquake caused 23 hospitals to suspend some or all of their services
  • Establishes Three seismic safety deadlines
    • by 2002 – major non-structural systems such as back up generators, exit lighting, etc must be braced
    • by 2013 (originally 2008)  – all general acute-care inpatient buildings at risk of collapsing during a strong earthquake must be rebuilt, retrofitted or closed. City or County owned hospitals have the opportunity to request an extension to 2020, provided they rebuild the facility
    • by 2030 – all hospital buildings in the state must be operational following a major earthquake
  • Enforced by Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development  (OSHPD)

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